BAGS GROUP Company is in the high-quality polypropylene package production and supply business for over 10 years.

Company’s establishment

The Company was established in 2007.
The Company’s principal business was an export of agricultural products packed in the polypropylene bags and Big-Bags.

In the course of our business, we faced with low quality, limited product range and disruption of packing supply.

As a result, our Company chose to master the in-house production of polypropylene package complying with the highest standards and requirements.

The polypropylene bag production line was started in 2009.

Rapid development

Due to the great interest of third parties in the high-quality package, our Company chose to manufacture packing not only for in-plant use, but also for sale.

We achieved the successful development of this area and high customer demand for our products.

As a result, the decision was made to refocus Company’s activity on the bulk stock polypropylene package production and wholesale.

Beginning from 2011, we rapidly enhance our technological capabilities and expand product line.

Capability enhancement

New stage of Company’s development has started in 2014. Integration of Ukraine in the European Economic Space has opened new markets and opportunities for us.

We begin the active deployment of product export to the EU member states thus providing customers with packing complying with every EC requirement while offering favorable price as compared with competitors.

Looking forward

In 2017, we open our representative offices in Europe under the BAGS GROUP trademark.


The high-quality state-of-the-art equipment
by the STARLINGER Company, Austria,
allowed production volume ramp-up, quality improvement and
product-line expansion.
This equipment complies with the ISO-9002
certification requirements thus ensuring
complete environmental safety
of production process.

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