About company

BAGS GROUP is Number One packing for your business!
“Packing and product is the integer for a consumer.”

Company's business

BAGS GROUP focuses on production and supply of the high-quality industrial packing, such as Big-Bags, polypropylene and paper bags.

Our company is at the European market for about 3 years; however, our employees have over 10 years of experience. This enabled us to become the true experts in the industrial packing field. Due to this, we are able to solve any customer problem related to the choice, purchase and use of this package.

You get that you need from the best professionals with the maximum advantages and without extra payment for brand.

Why the BAGS GROUP's Number One packing for you?

When entering into cooperation, we thoroughly investigate your objectives and specifics of your products.

This allows us to identify clearly the requirements for packing and to propose that option, which would be right up your alley. In addition, we will introduce you to new capabilities and recent innovations in the industrial packing field and provide test samples free of charge.

Then we implement deeply elaborated and approved project and timely supply you with high-quality packing with required specifications.


  • Customers. Our Company does not exist without you.
  • Quality. We continuously improve our products, implement new technologies and improve logistics.
  • Service. Our goal is to satisfy the customer demands and exceed customer expectations.


Cooperation development on the long-term basis with guaranteed supply of perfect quality packing and premium service. Customer’s time and cost saving is overarching priority of the Company.


To occupy more than 5% of EU packing market. To reduce product delivery time down to 1 day from the order date due to the Just-in-time system and extensive network of branch offices. To provide the broadest polypropylene packing range as compared with other competitors.


loyal customers doing business with us for over 5 years


Round-the-clock production, faithful keeping of delivery time

250 000

tons of bulk stock are packed in our sacks and Big-Bags monthly


various types of packing design

Industries we do business with

  • Cereal-processing industry
    Over 210 satisfied customers engaged in packing of flour, cereals and other products. They chose our packing for its environmental friendliness, moisture resistance and pest resistance.
  • Construction
    About 170 loyal customers appreciating our packing for durability and impermeability. It safeguards preservation of most humidity-sensible materials.
  • Food-processing industry
    Over 130 customers believing that we are those who produce best package with regard to price/quality ratio. Moreover, they know that BAGS GROUP means zero toxicity and absolute environmental safety of packing.
  • Chemical industry
    Over 90 customers engaged in production and supply of wide variety of substances and chemicals. We offer packing with optimum chemical compatibility for each of them.
  • Storage facilities and logistics
    Hundreds of loyal customers appreciating our wide range of auxiliary packaging products (stretch wrap, adhesive tape, bag-sewing thread and much more).

If you have any questions, please contact:

+49(0) 151 279 43 90