Paper sacks

One of most common and popular packing types.

Sacks are made of the environmentally compatible kraft-paper offering durability, air permeability, nice exterior, variety of industrial applications, low price and easy disposal without environmental pollution.

We use kraft-paper with density of 70, 80, 90g/m for sack manufacture, as well as micro-creped and moisture-resistant (lined) paper.

All paper entering production is subject to the strict incoming quality control.

Paper sacks are made in 2 basic design types:

open-mouth sack. Upper edge of such bag is sewn, glued or sealed after filling;
closed-mouth (valve) sack.

Valve sacks are supplied closed with small opening –valve – at the sack top, through which product is loaded in. After the cack filling, valve is closed due to product pressure.

Valve sack advantages: packing process time reduction, more regular shape of filled sacks, convenient stockpiling, etc.

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