Flexible container of polypropylene fabric, durable and convenient for product transportation and storage. It allows various loading, unloading and handling options.

Big-Bags are classified by bottom and top design, and loops (slings) type and number.

Density of fabric used for manufacture is selected depending on load and product grain size. Polypropylene fabric features high strength and long service life, and is not susceptible to mold attack and rotting.

Big-Bags are commonly used in agricultural, chemical, construction and food-processing industries.


  • convenient storage, handling and transportation by any mode of transport

  • efficient storage facility utilization due to stockpiling possibility

  • high carrying capacity ranging from 300kg to 2000kg

  • impermeability providing efficient big-bag content protection against the environmental impacts

  • suitability for the wide range of products pelletized, loose, powder, etc.

  • variety of design options

  • usability – empty big-bag does not require much space

  • reusability recyclable after the use

  • low cost


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